What to do after a car crash


  • Immediately after the accident: If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may not leave the scene without checking for damages or injuries first or wait for police to arrive. You can get charged for leaving the scene of a car accident.
    • 1a) Check if you or others are injured- If a person is injured, they should not be moved. Call the police and get an ambulance.
    • 1b) Notify Incoming Traffic- Turn on your hazard lights or setting out flares if necessary.
    • 1c) Exchange information with the other driver
    • 1d) Check to see if there were any witnesses around
    • 1e) Document as much information as necessary including speed limit and weather.
  • Police Arrival
    • You must stay until police have told you that you are able to leave.
    • Give the police your full cooperation and provide them with the facts.
    • Do not admit accident was your fault.
    • Let them know of any injuries.
  • What to do Once you Leave the Scene
    • Have a detailed documentation of the damage sustained to your car and self.
    • Go see a doctor to make sure you are alright.
    • Notify your insurance company of the accident and seek legal counsel.
    • Keep a record of any losses the accident has caused you including medical bills, and car damage.
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