Falling From Great Heights


As a construction worker, it may not be a surprise that according to the Occupational Health Safety Administration, the leading cause of injury and death in construction work is from falls. Whether you’ve fallen from a ladder, roof, window, or scaffolding, the injuries you sustain can be very serious.

Fall prevention 

While falls on construction sites are very common, many times they can be prevented. OSHA’s regulations state that employers must supply appropriate safety gear and on a construction site, fall protection must be provided at 6 feet.

Other safe practices include the contractor surveying the construction site and checking for safety issues:

  • Guarding holes that workers can step into and fall
  • Keep floors clean & dry
  • Guardrails & toe-boards have to be installed properly around elevated floors, hazardous machines, open-sided platforms, and runways
  • All employees properly trained on job safety
  • Provide personal protection equipment to workers
  • Use of fall arrest system


Common injuries construction workers suffer as a result of a fall include:

  • Amputation
  • Anxiety
  • Bruising
  • Broken bones & fractures
  • Burns & abrasions
  • Death
  • Depression
  • Permanent disability
  • Traumatic brain injury
Dollar bills


When it comes to suffering a fall on a construction site, your finances will suffer as well as your physical health. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to to provide benefits to those injured on the job, and in most cases, you’re unable to sue your employer directly. However, in many states, you can sue other responsible parties, like the property owner for premise liability, third-party contractors, or equipment manufacturers for product liability if they were negligent or at fault.
At Fitz Law, we’ll explain the entire process so you know what’s going on and what to expect at all times.

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