Frequently Asked Questions About Our Legal Services

Frequently Asked Questions

After an injury or accident, call us right away so we can learn the details of your case. We’ll let you know our recommendation based on our complementary consultation, and with our personal injury cases, you pay zero fees unless we get results.

Every case is different; while some cases may be resolved in a few months, others take a few years. We are motivated to settle your case quickly, just like you, but not at the cost of compromising the outcome. We will explain the process, how it works, and give you projections based on the complexity, where the court is located, etc.

Yes, per the governing laws in Illinois, our communication is completely confidential.

If your case goes to trial, your presence is necessary. You may be called to testify.

A deposition typically takes place in an attorney’s office and is a way to obtain details on the case. As the person being deposed, you will take an oath to answer honestly and your answers will be recorded by a court reporter or video recording.

We are hired on a contingency basis, meaning you will pay nothing unless we recover compensation from you, and at that point, we earn a percentage of it.

Once a settlement is reached, you will receive a settlement check anywhere from 14–90 days after, depending on a variety of factors.

Call or email us today to start talking about the details of your case.

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