Rented Vehicle Accidents


Chicago, Illinois is a hotspot destination for tourists and business travelers around the world. To get themselves around the city, the tourists and businessmen and women rent vehicles. Every year, there are quite a few rented vehicle accidents. Fitz Law has expertise in these cases, as we are the experienced Chicago rented vehicle accident lawyers, who protects victims of these accidents.

Issues Surrounding Rented Vehicle Accidents

Rented vehicle accidents can be more complex and have different procedures than other types of car accidents, since there are more parties involved in the accident. Other parties involved would include: the drivers, rental company, passengers and insurance companies of both drivers. You will need the skilled auto accident law firm of Fitz Law to negotiate for you in order to give yourself the best protection.
Although car rental companies are supposed to check that the vehicle you are renting is safe and secure, customers are also advised to examine the car thoroughly beforehand and to read the rental agreement carefully. Another factor to consider is there may be several sources of insurance coverage for a rented vehicle accident. Insurance policies typically cover drivers when they are driving a rented vehicle and rental companies offer rental insurance to drivers when they rent the vehicle.

Chicago Rented Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Fitz Law is the premiere Chicago car accident law firm and we handle personal injury and wrongful death cases for our clients.

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