Parking Lot Accidents


With the number of vehicles that fill a parking lot, it is unsurprising how many accidents occur in them. There are numerous obstructions in parking lots that give drivers more blind spots, making it more difficult to see other cars and pedestrians. It can be very discouraging to return to your car to find scratches or other damage that occurred while you were gone.

How to Handle Parking Lot Car Accidents

You must remember to stay calm and determine if there were any injuries or damage to the vehicles, if you are involved in a parking lot accident. Fortunately, parking lot accidents occur at a low speed, so damage and injuries are not too severe.
The parking lot accident should be reported to the police immediately. You should also call for medical attention, even if the injuries or damages are not severe. You should be prepared to document what happened during the accident and seek out a physician to make sure you are healthy.
You should also notify your insurance company immediately after the accident. You should also exchange insurance information with the other driver. Fitz Law can guide through the proper steps and help.

Illinois Auto Accident Attorneys

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